Indulge in Timeless Flavors: Jakarta's Top 5 Chinese Culinary Gems


As the 2024 Lunar New Year approaches, food enthusiasts in Jakarta are gearing up to celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon in style. With a plethora of authentic Chinese dishes to choose from, locals and tourists alike are in for a treat. Here are five top-notch spots recommended for experiencing the rich culinary heritage of China right here in the heart of Indonesia’s bustling capital.

1. Eka Ria
   - Address: Jl. Kyai Haji Zainul Arifin No.21A - 23, Central Jakarta
   - Price Range: $$
   - History: Established in 1925 as Jit Lok Jun by Tjoeng Tan, Eka Ria stands as one of Jakarta's oldest Chinese restaurants. Evolving from classic to contemporary decor in 2019, it offers a diverse menu featuring delicacies like bakmie goreng ayam and Shanghai roast duck skin.

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2. Sanur Restaurant
   - Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda III No. 31 J, Gambir, Central Jakarta
   - Price Range: $$$
   - Legacy: Since the 1940s, Sanur Restaurant has been a beacon of authentic Chinese seafood cuisine. With classic dishes like sweet and sour chicken and their specialty cuttlefish with oyster butter sauce, it maintains a loyal following for its consistency and family-like atmosphere.

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3. Siauw A Tjiap 
   - Address: Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya No. 68, Pluit, North Jakarta
   - Price Range: $$
   - Heritage: Dating back to 1923, Siauw A Tjiap continues its Hokkien culinary legacy with dishes like ngohiong and babi hong. The cozy ambiance and home-style cooking make it a beloved spot for generations of diners.

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4. Wong Fu Kie
   - Address: Jl. Perniagaan Timur II No. 22, Toko Tiga, West Jakarta
   - Price Range: $$
   - Hakka Tradition: Established in 1925, Wong Fu Kie is Jakarta’s oldest Hakka restaurant, famed for its traditional ambiance and signature dish, mun kiaw mien. Classic Hakka delicacies like lindung cah fuma and pek cham kee continue to entice patrons.

5. Angke Restaurant  
   - Address: Various locations
   - Price Range: $$$
   - Evolution: From a humble two-table kiosk in 1956 to a renowned establishment, Angke Restaurant specializes in savory dishes, notably their salted chicken. With branches across Jakarta and Tangerang, it offers a spacious setting for gatherings while preserving its flavorful heritage.

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Whether you’re craving traditional Hokkien fare or adventurous Hakka delights, these five restaurants promise an unforgettable Lunar New Year dining experience, bridging the gap between Jakarta and China’s culinary traditions.

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