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Earth is at the Aphelion stage right now, or the farthest point from the Sun. Aphelion cannot be seen directly because it is not a celestial object appearance phenomenon. 

Aphelion is a space phenomenon that usually occurs every year. The Center for Space Science of the National Institute of Space and Aviation (Lapan) said the peak of this event occurred at 05.27 WIB/06.27 Wita/07.27 WIT. Also read: What is the Impact of the Aphelion Phenomenon on July 6, 2021? 

This is the Eighth Explanation Due to being at the farthest point; then many people consider this to be the reason why the current air temperature is low and feels cold. For example, it was delivered by the Jaka Tivi Facebook account:

 "From July 6 to August the earth will experience APHELION (the farthest point between the earth and the sun), then the earth will automatically experience a decrease in temperature, aka cold...," he wrote, Monday (5/5) 7/2021. 

There was also a similar upload made by the Saril Yakil account on Monday (5/7/2021): 

"APHELION PHENOMENON, tomorrow the position of the earth will be at the farthest point from the sun, increasing cold temperatures on the earth's surface," wrote the account.

The cold temperature isn't because of Aphelion

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Head of the Dissemination Division of the Lapan Space Science Center, Emanuel Sungging, explained that the current cold temperature was not caused by the Aphelion phenomenon but rather due to other reasons. The Aphelion phenomenon, he added, had no direct impact on human life on Earth. 

"It's just an ordinary annual phenomenon. That is, it's been half a year since the Earth has traveled around the Sun. The temperature is more due to atmospheric dynamics," said Sungging, quoted from (4/7/2021). The cold temperature that has recently been felt to occur in the morning is a common thing in the dry season. 

During the day, the Earth's surface absorbs sunlight and releases heat that is absorbed at night. Supposedly, the heat released at night will be reflected back to the Earth's surface by clouds in the atmosphere. However, in the dry season, there are not many clouds in the atmosphere, so no heat is reflected back to the Earth's surface. 

Other factors

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Another factor is the position of the Sun, which is currently in the Northern Hemisphere and causes the air pressure in the Northern Hemisphere to be lower than the Southern Hemisphere where Indonesia is located. This causes the air to move from the south to the north, even though at the same time, the Australian continent on the south side is currently in winter, so it is not surprising that the wind that blows across the territory of Indonesia also has a cold temperature. The Indonesian territory in question is specifically on the islands of Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara.

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