Manners when using technology is important nowadays.


Manners when using technology need to blow up louder as people are likely to be chaotic when interneting. We assume maybe it's just fine writing or recording thoughtless things on social media, but today we have stronger cyber law, by means, everything we can do carelessly can be accused. Follow these basic rules of internet etiquette (netiquette) to make you save playing on the internet.

A quick check before reposting

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Some of you perhaps are the ones who like to broadcast breaking news, but it will cause big disruptions if it’s a hoax. You can quickly check before reposting it, or do a little search on Google. Some files may contain viruses that are circulated via chain letters and invitations to send some seemingly pertinent piece of information to ten of your friends or everyone in your address book. Forwarding that message will not bring you good luck, just bad karma. 

Know where you are in cyberspace

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Depending on where you are in the virtual world, the same written communication can be acceptable in one area, where it might be considered inappropriate in another. What you text to a friend may not be appropriate in an email to your relatives.

Share expert knowledge

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The Internet offers its users many benefits. One is the ease with which information can be shared or accessed, and in fact, this "information sharing" capability is one of the reasons the internet was found. Share what you know! When you post a question and receive intelligent answers, share the results with others. Are you an expert at something? Post resources and references about your subject matter. Have you recently expanded your knowledge about a subject that might be of interest to others? Share that as well.

Help keep flame wars under control

On the other hand, flaming or trying to incite drama by expressing strong and obnoxious opinions seems to be widespread in the cyber world. In some forums and chat rooms, it may be expected, but it’s not looked upon kindly in others. Administrators of Facebook groups, for example, may take these posts down or block users that start flame wars from access to their groups.

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